Yogi’s Yogurt

Yogi’s Yogurt – A range of healthy yogurt drinks with beneficial spices.

Yogi’s Yogurt Mango – Premium mangoes are blended with freshly made yogurt in small batches. We then add green cardamom & turmeric to balance the flavors. Green Cardamom balances gastrointestinal balance, whereas Turmeric soothes the digestive track. Delicious, refreshing & beneficial is what it’s all about.

Yogi’s Yogurt Cumin + Himalayan Pink Salt – Cumin is well know for stimulating & aiding digestion. We use generous amounts of a highly potent & aromatic grade of Cumin and blend it with freshly made yogurt. Himalayan Pink Salt is added to balance out the flavors. Himalayan Rock Salt is a naturally occurring salt with trace minerals that help hydrate the body. Zero sugar, heavenly flavor and a digestive booster is what it’s all about.

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Cumin+Himalayan Pink Salt