2600 2nd Ave, Suite 514, Seattle, WA 98121

About Us

Yogi’s Yogurt – A range of healthy yogurt drinks with beneficial spices.

Yogi’s Yogurt Mango – A mango smoothie that is satisfying and refreshing in equal measure. We put in a lot of thought in selected the right ingredients. Our goal was to marry ingredients that compliment each other + provide tangible health benefits.

Yogi’s Yogurt Cumin + Himalayan Pink Salt – A refreshing smoothie with the digestive power of Cumin. We set out to create a savory drink for consumers who where looking for a zero sugar yogurt drink, that would aid digestion. Our Cumin Yogurt drink is perfect with a meal anytime of the day.

Address – 2600 2nd Ave, Suite 514, Seattle, WA 98121
Email – info@urbanyogafoods.com